A cup of tea please?

I drink tea for various reasons. One is to cleanse my system, another one is to relax my mind. While I’m again in a rush to come up with a policy paper for my DM 220 class, I can’t help but drink a warm cup of tea and a lot of unnecessary stuff (like checking my emails or by writing this short blog). Drinking tea and doing other things other than writing my paper warms up my body and brain. ¬†This can be an excuse for procrastination. Nonetheless, still a good excuse. ūüôā


When September Ends

It took me some time before I was able to write again. Yes, my work and acadamic life have been nonstop. The whole of August was devoted in preparation for my comprehensive exam last August 23 and 24. I had very memorable moments. I remember two important things I have learned whilst undergoing the hell weeks:

First is the discipline that one can strengthen when one is determined in achieving a goal. Reading and processing of ideas consume a lot of calories, too. Meaning, the review was no laughing matter. One needs a lot of focus. And you need all the positive vibes to help you out. Second is the nurtured relationships with your friends/compremates’. This one gets you motivated and inspired which also gives you a sense of belongingness. ¬†One cannot live¬†¬†alone.¬†Teamwork was there. And would still be there whatever the results were.

At last, the scores were finally out last Sept 19. And I have all the major credits given to the Lord. He’s my Saviour. My Teacher. Topping the exams would have never been possible if trust in Him was nowhere. ¬†Bliss.¬†Only a few knew of the struggle that I¬†have been to. ¬†And I would like to thank those special people in my life who cheered and believed in me and for those who suffered by this inconvenience. Gracias.

What better way to share the exam experience? Through a good meal paired with laughs with the girls. Moments like these are memorable ones as everyone has her own busy bee lives.