I’m currently struggling writing a blog thru my phone. But becoz i need a break i needed to be more patient with this! Haha!

Caldi’s place/boston at uplb campus is cozy except that i hear several ‘noise’ sounds such as the baristas blahbing and the tv sounds in which nobody is even watching. Btw, i already complained abt that in FB! Lols.

I went here cause i felt the need to have a new atmosphere for reviewing. I got bored by the conveniences that my room offers and the ineffective attempt of studying in the main library. Believe me, sleepin in the library is heaven! Haha! Secondly, i missed the taste of cafe americano and its effect on my body. It would make me feel sleepy for the first hour and would keep me awake the whole night after. Third justification – i feel obliged to study for the main reason that i paid for their services. That means the coffee i paid for has its opportunity cost of me studying for free. So i better make sure i maximize the time and money spent! Aint that enough motivation for today, huh? πŸ˜€

btw,theres a technique (c/o ski) that im following when i study. After reading an article, i pause for 5-10 minutes, do something else and then continue reading the next article. Thats why im writing this blog.. Beeeeep!


thank you Ros!

So this is how it feels like to be writing again. πŸ™‚

As for my first post, I would like to thank my dear friend, Ros, for giving me the inspiration to express my thoughts in this site. She shared her blog, , its contents and on how she came about with the idea. Ros is a such a lovely and full of faith person. She is such a good listener that’s why she has loads of friends! I am lucky to be in the circle πŸ™‚

Thank you Ros for inspiring me to start writing again. I’m not only going to share the blessings that I get everyday, but I might give it a little twist or some SPICE. Can’t wait to share my thoughts Β and experiences:)

life in a beep!