Once and Twice_Part 1

I. October 2011

Leaving the lights on, Jane didn’t notice she already fell asleep while watching the tv . It was past 10 o’clock in the evening and she woke up with her phone ringing. Feeling dizzy and all, she answered the phone, “Hello. You’re coming over? Okay I’ll prepare the books. But I’m not properly dressed up!” Surprised and wanted to fix herself right away, she just changed her top into a colored green printed shirt. Never mind the polka-dot shorts she was wearing, she didn’t really care how she looked like that night. She brushed her hair and practiced smiling.

After a few minutes, she went out of the apartment and went to see her friend with her cousin. Jane shook hands with her friend’s cousin, Mark, and gave him a sincere smile. Then after they went back to the pad and shared a few laughs.

“Those 30 minutes were the start of it all”, Jane shared with a smile.

Her patience, trust in love, in relationships, and in God, was developed for she loved a seafarer.