When September Ends

It took me some time before I was able to write again. Yes, my work and acadamic life have been nonstop. The whole of August was devoted in preparation for my comprehensive exam last August 23 and 24. I had very memorable moments. I remember two important things I have learned whilst undergoing the hell weeks:

First is the discipline that one can strengthen when one is determined in achieving a goal. Reading and processing of ideas consume a lot of calories, too. Meaning, the review was no laughing matter. One needs a lot of focus. And you need all the positive vibes to help you out. Second is the nurtured relationships with your friends/compremates’. This one gets you motivated and inspired which also gives you a sense of belongingness.  One cannot live  alone. Teamwork was there. And would still be there whatever the results were.

At last, the scores were finally out last Sept 19. And I have all the major credits given to the Lord. He’s my Saviour. My Teacher. Topping the exams would have never been possible if trust in Him was nowhere.  Bliss. Only a few knew of the struggle that I have been to.  And I would like to thank those special people in my life who cheered and believed in me and for those who suffered by this inconvenience. Gracias.

What better way to share the exam experience? Through a good meal paired with laughs with the girls. Moments like these are memorable ones as everyone has her own busy bee lives. 




prep for Compre

Last Thursday I had an encounter with two of my friends. One is named Yuki, which means “snow” in Japan (according to Cory). The other friend, was ofcourse Cory herself.

We had dinner at KFC and had quite such a refreshing meal ( I haven’t eaten at KFC for quite some time). Yuki and I discussed the topics to be reviewed for comprehensive exam on August 22-24. I got nervous and I’m sure he did, too, with the thought of the exam nearly approaching. It was something we both cannot escape.

I  remembered him mentioning, it’s  his 5th semester studying part-time.. and mine was 6th.

Three years of unstoppable learnings and it will soon be put into a test. That is, written. The real exam is when you get out of there and apply what you have paid for at UPLB Admin cashier 🙂

Good luck to everyone who would be taking the compre exam this semester!  Honor and Excellence! 😉


I’m currently struggling writing a blog thru my phone. But becoz i need a break i needed to be more patient with this! Haha!

Caldi’s place/boston at uplb campus is cozy except that i hear several ‘noise’ sounds such as the baristas blahbing and the tv sounds in which nobody is even watching. Btw, i already complained abt that in FB! Lols.

I went here cause i felt the need to have a new atmosphere for reviewing. I got bored by the conveniences that my room offers and the ineffective attempt of studying in the main library. Believe me, sleepin in the library is heaven! Haha! Secondly, i missed the taste of cafe americano and its effect on my body. It would make me feel sleepy for the first hour and would keep me awake the whole night after. Third justification – i feel obliged to study for the main reason that i paid for their services. That means the coffee i paid for has its opportunity cost of me studying for free. So i better make sure i maximize the time and money spent! Aint that enough motivation for today, huh? 😀

btw,theres a technique (c/o ski) that im following when i study. After reading an article, i pause for 5-10 minutes, do something else and then continue reading the next article. Thats why im writing this blog.. Beeeeep!